Travelling the States

Well we have arrived home and after 2 days of insane Jet Lag I am finally back to normal and ready to write this blog.

Where do I even begin!

Lets start with the Highlights of New York City! This was our first destination, getting there however was not the easiest! For a journey that was only meant to take 3 1/2 hours maximum on 2 trains to get to the airport, it ended up 7 hours on 4 trains and 2 taxis just to get to Gatwick. Turns out there was an incident on the tracks so our journey became complicated. We then had an 8 hour flight to the beautiful New York City!


Arriving in New York, we had no internet and had no idea how to actually get to our hotel late at night. Luckily I had screen shotted the route so we just had to try and understand it as much as we could. A great thing about America is the usefulness of being able to get Wifi nearly anywhere so we got to the hotel in the end – Econo Lodge Hotel

A quick way to summarise the trip in New York is that we managed to fit everything we wanted to see into the time scale that we were there for. Our first day involved walking around visiting Times Square, Macy’s and the Apple store since my phone decided to play up! I had to take my mum and sister to this incredible crawfish restaurant called ‘Hot N Juicy’ !


We then surprised my mum with a birthday present to go and watch the New Broadway musical Anastasia! This was by far the most incredible musical that I have ever watched, and to all who get the chance to visit New York. I most definitely recommend going to watch this incredible show!

For the rest of the days in New York we decided to be tourists and visit famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, World Trade Centre, Wall St and many more. The Subway is an easy way of transportation around New York and there is also a Free Staten Island Ferry that you can get to see the statue from a distance!

It was then time to travel to Los Angeles ! It was a 6 hour flight from New York where we travelled with Virgin America this was a great journey and even had complimentary drinks, movies and music on board! (Definitely recommend this company)

Arriving into Los Angeles we got the trusty Uber to get us to our apartment ( Executive Rental Corp ) which was situated in a quiet place where we had a liquor store across the road and cafes to get food and breakfast.

On the first day in LA I decided to take my mum and sister up to go and see the Hollywood sign! We thought we were going for a 20 minute walk up to the sign, little did we know that we would be hiking for 2 hours with only 1 bottle of water between us. (Not a good idea for future reference). After getting dehydrated and Cara nearly passing out on the way, we made it to the sign and luckily for us one of the residents was selling cold drinks nearby. (Thank You to that man!!!!!)


After rehydrating we decided to take another pathway down the hills through the houses.. Turns out I had no signal so we had no clue where we were walking so we ended up walking over an hour without knowing where we were going. Luckily we found a cafe on the side of the road and got internet and once again Uber saved us aha!

We then headed down to see the Walk Of Fame and decided we wanted to go to a mall. We didn’t realise until we pulled up that we had been taken to one of the richest malls in Los Angeles and we had turned up in shorts and trainers.. very smart..

For the next few days in LA we decided to visit the different beaches around our area, Venice Beach, Santa Monica Beach and Pier and Muscle Beach. Each of the beaches were very different, with different shops and food places. There was also so many different activities on each beach as Muscle Beach was for many athletes to train and Venice Beach had surfing lessons.


Along with visiting different beaches Cara and I decided we wanted to do some dance training whilst we were out in LA. So we booked a heels class at The Playground LA with Anthony Garza! This was yet another great experience getting to train whilst I was out travelling!

These are the main highlights of the trip, if I was to truly go into the great detail this blog would last a lifetime! I’ve got to say it was a great experience and if you would like to see more about what went on you can check my new VLOG on my Youtube page > Don’t Think Just Blog Youtube Channel !

WATCH VIDEO HERE >> New York & Los Angeles VLOG

We also met some incredible people whilst on our travels who helped us or added to our journey along the way >





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Thanks for reading up on our previous journey!

Until Next Time..

-Giovana Braia



Beware the barrenness of a busy life..

Hey everyone!

I haven’t been very active on my blog recently so I thought now that I have time I would update you all on all that is happening recently!

I completed my assessment term and decided to do the optional Summer Show Term, which means stay in London for an extra 6/7 weeks to prepare for a showcase. This term has been quite a busy one for me as I decided that I would travel home to work on weekends, therefore somedays I would get an early 5am train to London to get to rehearsals for 9 and the other way round for work. It finally got exhausting as somedays I’d only be home for one day or in London for a few hours and then would get the train home.. So, it was a very busy and confusing process but completely worth it! I got to earn money and I got to watch my sister perform since every time she has recently performed I haven’t been there.

Not only have I been travelling around, working and rehearsing but I was also having to pack my flat up as I was moving out. For my next year in London I am moving in with my two friends into a flat across the road from my college which is great! Yesterday I moved in, using Sainsbury’s trolleys to walk my stuff to my new flat.. Seemed like a good idea until we realised there were stairs and busy roads.. So.. Clearly there was a lot going on so it was very hard to get a chance to write blog posts. However, I am sitting in my new flat all unpacked and settled in and honestly feel very calm and relaxed for the first time in a while, sometimes you need to take a step back from a hectic life to appreciate it all!



Next week I will be travelling the USA! I have been sorting and planning and I will be travelling to New York and Los Angeles with my mum and sister! EXCITED ISN’T THE WORD! I recently travelled 5 states in America in February with Jake, I haven’t wrote a blog post about it yet but will be writing up posts about all the different places that I have visited, so keep posted!!

Will be keeping you updated on my travels! So make sure to follow the blog on Instagram, Twitter and like on Facebook!

Until next time…


-Giovana x