Exploring Volcanic Islands


Since I’ve only just arrived back from Fuerteventura, I thought I might as well share this journey before our other travels!

Fuerteventura was a last minute idea as a way to get away from the assessment stress and all other things that build up! I hadn’t even thought about it until the night before when I had to quickly pack! Very unlike me to not be ready at least a week in advance (joke.. but I am weirdly organised). So the thought of this trip was a nice way to remind me that I could relax and travel after all my hard work had paid off!

View of Liverpool from Ryanair plane after take off!


When we landed, as usual, we got the holiday feeling where the warm breeze of the wind hits you as you walk off the plane.  Everyone’s got to know that feeling! Luckily we ran on schedule, even earlier at one point so all was good! Unfortunately, we got dropped off at the wrong hotel BUT luckily we weren’t too far away and just had to have a nice walk to the next street.img_7840

Bristol Sunset Beach Appartements. We chose this accommodation purely based on location and usefulness with travelling. Turns out we ended up in a beautiful place with helpful reception if needed, (Jake did end up burning on the first day and they joked about it with me, perks of olive skin hey!).

The first night we ended up exploring the streets around our apartment and ended up in a square full of restaurants and street performers. Bearing in mind we had just arrived after a long day of travelling we were starving so the first thing on our minds was food. The first night was probably one of the most chilled as we sat and eating at El Pescador whilst watching the street performers.

Day 1:

First day of exploring different locations around the island. We ended up walking 7km (roughly 1 1/2 – fast walkers as you will found later) across the beach towards the iconic sand dunes. During the walk, we stopped off at a beach and managed to set our stuff in one of their Rock windbreaks.

Plus, you can’t just sunbathe when the sea is that beautiful. So we ended up going free diving and snorkelling to see what animals we could find as we had heard about there being many different types of Rays around the area. Luckily enough, we did end up coming across a Sting Ray and swimming next to it which was a great experience. However, the GoPro decided to give up on us at this particular moment (just our luck) and resulted in us not being able to fully recorded us swimming with the ray. Oh well… (I say, slightly dying inside aha).

We travelled to the Dunes afterwards and although the heat and lack of water were killing me, the Dunes were truly incredible to see. The pure golden white Sand Dunes went on for miles varying in height. If you want to feel like you’re in the desert but with the safety of a hotel within a few miles, this is definitely a place to visit.


Day 2:

Thought this first half of the day could be given over to Jake as he had a diving trip to explore the deeper parts of the water surrounding the island. (I was currently available at this time as this girl needed a break after the long hard term I had). I explored the roof top chill bar in our apartment and it was definitely a place of peace and relaxation.

The Dive: (Jake)

I decided to have a single dive with Abyss Fuerteventura which was based in Corralejo. I was picked up and taken to the dive shop to get the kit ready, where Martin and Hannah the owners were very welcoming. We then headed to the dive site El Jablito. I specifically chose this location as I was looking for a unique shark species known as the Angelshark. Martin mentioned that there was a low chance of observing an Angelshark as there hadn’t been a very recent sighting. But, I was determined we would find one. After a couple of minutes of searching Martin stopped and shifted the sand away, there it was lying motionless in the sand a small Angelshark (and they do look Angel-like). We then continued the dive where we observed a few other ray species swimming around.

After Jake arrived back from the dive we decided to go down to the harbour to see what restaurants and shops were around. Once again, Jake decided to go swimming as I explored the different cultural shops which were primarily sea-based. Around our location, there were many surfers of all styles, wind, kite, wave etc. This is due to Fuerteventura being located in a windy region, therefore it is ideal for people who enjoy the more windier sports (If that is a word). We ended eating in a beach restaurant/bar called Waikiki, definitely one to recommend as it was a relaxing atmosphere as we went a little earlier so that it wasn’t too busy.

The sunset that night was incredible and there was no way we were going to miss it. We ended up running out of our apartment (me with no shoes on whatsoever) and finding a prime location to capture the beautiful colours of the sunset.

FullSizeRender 2


First thing in the morning it was time to travel to another island called, Lobos (Isle de Lobos). Lobos is a very volcanic rock-based island, however, we managed to find a Lagoon to rest up at before we decided to trek up the islands volcanic mountain. The average person takes up to 38 minutes to walk up it, however, we only manage to take 15 minutes. Which explains why I was so dead by the time we got to the top (The relief was taking over until I realised I had to walk back down..).


From that location we could see the rest of the island and decided to walk to a small fishing village (El Puertito). Which is not the most famous as there are very few images until you search the correct name specifically. The beauty of this location took me by surprise, it was truly breathtaking. I recommend all those who travel to Fuerteventura to travel to Lobos Island to this beautiful destination. Along with the beautiful sea and the picturesque pontoon, there was also a restaurant and local fishermen catching fresh fish ready for your meals. Most definitely a memorable location that I will happily travel to again.


As the rules for certain things are different in Fuerteventura we had to change the way we did things, for example, the bins were only allowed to be taken out during 9pm – 2am. Our apartment also wanted us to have emptied the bins and cleaned by check out which meant that we had to empty most of our things the night before. As we decided to buy 8L bottle of water to refill our water bottles we didn’t think we’d have to throw it away so soon. Long story short, we ended up not wanting to waste water and decided to try and drink the last 3L of water… I also put the rest of what we couldn’t drink into small glasses so we could drink them in the morning… I do not recommend drinking that much… Never again…

End of the journey…

It was time to travel home, we quickly visited El Campanario shopping centre which gave us a great inside to their traditions. Local markets were also set up within the centre and live performances were taking place. This was a great way to end the journey as it was a nice walk that allowed us to explore the more westernised side of the Island (e.g, clothing shops, bars, restaurants). The rest is as you can imagine, a wait in the airport and a long flight home from an incredible journey.

Fuerteventura was definitely the break that I needed and although I may not have sat around all day doing nothing, travelling and exploring was my way of relaxation. Many details in the blog are vague and can be confusing. However, a Video Blog will be up on Youtube for you to see the full journey!

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Until Next Time…

-Giovana Braia

-Jake Davies