Welcome to Canada!

After my previous blog I thought I would give a slight insight to previous travels before creating this blog. One of my favourite places that I have travelled to so far has to be Canada ! We had family friends living in Canada at the time so we had a chance to spend time with them. We visited Canada during February so the snow was incredible, well it was in comparison to the snow that we get in United Kingdom.


We stayed in Toronto, Ontario. Every part of it I loved, even the little housing estates reminded me of what I had seen on the TV. This was my first time in an international country due to us normally travelling around Europe. It was everything that I had expected it would be like, I woke up at 5am due to time zone changes but always appreciated the view of waking up looking out of the windows.

Not being used to weather conditions like this we bought very unsuitable clothing so the first day we had to drive to the closest clothing shop that had winter boots and coats. Thank God! Even though I was still freezing in my new clothes!


We managed to visit many places during our stay in Canada and most mornings we would go for walks in the forests. The above pictures show one of the beautiful places that we walked to and even though in one of the photos it looks like a morphed bear… it was a dog..


We also wanted a chance to try out Skiing on the beautiful Canadian snowy mountains! So we went searching and found a ski slope.. it was an incredible experience and I actually wasn’t that bad compared to the people who I saw that were steering themselves into the fences.. (those people who included my mother, bless her!) I did make it up and down the slopes in one piece and hopefully next time I get a chance to go back I will try Snowboarding.. (A new thing added to my Bucket List!)


As I go to a performing arts college, we often have to do a thing called memory recall. This includes remembering happy or sad memories in great details. When i am asked to recall one of the happiest moments of my life, I have many, however visiting Niagara Falls is one of those memories I keep recalling. It was truly an incredible experience that I could never forget and I can recommend it to anyone! Go and visit it! The time of year that we visited was a great time even though my hair was icing up due to cold and my dads beard froze up, his beard went from black to white. He had literally aged within a few minutes due to the snow changing his hair colour.

Canada is truly an amazing country and could definitely recommend it to anyone! Although this was a brief description of our trip, I wanted to start introducing many amazing countries that deserve to be mentioned in the blog.


I will be travelling to Fuerteventura in a few weeks so I will be able to document my trip and update you on the whole experience. As I have now got 3 weeks of assessments I decided travelling would be a great break from all the stress before I go into my last term in college before Summer break. Until then, I will be keeping you updated weekly on all the great countries that you could travel to. With other different blogs coming your way too!

Until then..

– Giovana Braia!


Author: dontthinkjustblog

Views of a girl from a small town in Wales who had big dreams, moved to London and now training in one of the Uk's leading Performing Arts colleges..

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